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Five Safety And Health Tips For Family Adventure In Colombia

Family adventure in Colombia is more just a typical sightseeing tour abroad. Rather than just walking through famous landscapes and visiting museums, adventure trips have to do with being active, engaging and exploring a lot of physical activities. For you to make the most of your tour and make sure the safety and health of your family are prioritized, ensure that you adhere to the following safety and health tips for your next adventure in Colombia.

Go For a Health Examination Before You Travel

A pre-travel health examination is a must do for any family that wants to go for an adventure in Colombia. Every member of the family should have his or her own examination with a travel health doctor or specialist. After the consultation with the health specialist, the examination will confirm that every member of the family is fit for the tour and has the medication required for any chronic conditions as well as any illness that may come up during the period of travel.


Before embarking on any adventure, every member of the family should get their travel vaccinations. The vaccinations required depends on the health history of the individual and destination they are traveling to. Your health specialist, after examining every member of your family, will recommend the vaccines you need. To ensure you get the best benefits of your vaccinations and have much time to complete the vaccination series, try to see a travel health doctor at least 5 weeks before embarking on your adventure.

Safety Gears

Whether you are planning to go on an adventure with your family through a rainforest or a trekking tour in the canyons or mountains, going along with the appropriate safety gear is necessary for the well-being and health of you and your family. If you plan on getting involved in any sports activities, make sure you go along with your safety gears such as elbow and knee pad, helmets, sunscreen, the appropriate footwear, gloves, and mosquito repellent.

First Aid Kits

Embarking on an adventure in Colombia with your family comes with a risk of injury. The locations where a lot of adventures take place and the lack of health facilities and local pharmacies means that it is compulsory to carry a first aid kit along with you irrespective of the type of activities you plan to partake in. Make sure your first aid kit includes the following

    Saline solution, antibiotic ointment, iodine pads, gauze, adhesive bandages, thermometer, tweezers, and a calamine lotion.
    Anti-nausea drugs, anti-diarrheal medication, and oral rehydration solution.
    Water purification pills
    Lip balm and including sunscreen
    Antihistamine cream and mosquito repellent.


When going on an adventure with your family, you may find a pharmacy to get your daily prescribes medication you need. For asthma and allergy patients, you will need more of your medications when going on an adventure tour. Getting enough medication you will need and also some of your prescribed drugs from a physician will be very helpful in your preparation, and it will also prevent asthma or allergy attack that might hinder your activities.

Adventure Colombia